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Congratulatory Letter
Congratulation Message by Ms. Wang Binying Deputy Director General of WIPO

On the occasion of the opening of China National Conference on Copyright Protection in the Digital Environment, organized by the China National Administration on Copyright (NCAC) on April 26, 2018, in Beijing, I would like to express our warm congratulations as well as sincere greetings to NCAC and all the distinguished participants and speakers attending this important event.

This event is of special significance because it is organized on April 26, 2018, which is the “18th World IP Day”, a very special day for all the intellectual property stakeholders in the world.  It is even more pertinently important since President Xi Jinping announced last week, a series of related policies and initiatives aimed at improving the quality of overall eco-system for cyberspace and network related business activities where digital technology as well as IP play a crucial role.  I am very encouraged and inspired at this new development, demonstrating once again the importance that the Chinese Government attached to the protection of intellectual property and to the advancement of the digital technology.

As one of the two Member States of WIPO initiating the establishment of a World IP Day, 18 years ago, China has made great achievement and remarkable progress in its IP developments, certainly thanks to the important contribution of Chinese women, thus echoing the theme of this year’s Day celebration in the word, and to whom I should like to pay special tribune and deep respect.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank and commend NCAC for organizing a yearly conference for each IP Day over the past years, a profound tradition in its efforts to promote and to facilitate the development of copyright protection, not only in China but also at the international level.  Innovation and IP protection now have become a driven power for Chinese creative industries.  According to the statistics released by Chinese authorities, in 2016, 7.33% of the total Chinese GDP were from copyright based creative industries.  The market value of the Chinese creative industries in 2017 reached 636.5 billion RMB, a growth of 27.2per cent against that of 2016.

I am confident that this year’s Conference will provide a unique opportunity for participants to share their views and experience on some topic subjects, such as IP related issues under digital environment. Discussions, as well as exchanges of views by participants in this Conference, will bring the wisdom of Chinese and foreign experiences in dealing with challenges we are facing towards the protection of copyright under the digital environment, which, in my view, will surely benefit the interests of all IP stakeholders worldwide.

WIPO has always maintained a close cooperation with NCAC, and with all the concerned IP stakeholders, and remains committed to further enhance its cooperation with China on every front regarding IP development.

I wish the conference every success.

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