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2018 Copyright Publicity Activities of National Intellectual Property Publicity Week Have Been Launched

From the beginning of April, the National Copyright Administration of the People's Republic of China (NCAC) will launch a series of copyright publicity activities, especially during National Intellectual Property Publicity Week from April 20th to 26th as the key publicity period, themed on protecting creation and promoting application. NCAC is going to hold the Third National Conference on Copyright Protection Conference in Digital Environment in Beijing on April 26th.

NCAC will produce copyright publicity films, make posters and carry out a series of publicity activities focused on Powering Change: Women in Innovation and Creativity, the theme of 2018 World IP Day released by WIPO, and Promoting Innovation Culture, Respecting Intellectual Property Rights, the theme of 2018 National Intellectual Property Publicity Week confirmed by the Organizing Committee for National IP Publicity Week. Local copyright authorities are required to cooperate on publicity activities and make fully use of NCAC’s resources, actively making them displayed on local print and internet media resources as well as public platforms including school, subway and office building. With such concerted efforts, local authorities and NCAC will surely expand the influence of the Publicity Week.

It is reported that NCAC will release top 10 cases of cracking down on infringement and piracy in 2017 during the Publicity Week to encourage the investigation and prosecution of online infringement and piracy cases, set up models and make typical cases to be educative. Local copyright authorities should summarize their cases of infringement and piracy investigation, exploring highlights for news reports and giving the public a lesson on related laws with those cases. Local authorities also need to cooperate with NCAC in interviewing relevant parties of some key cases to actively promote publicity activities of copyright law enforcement.

Annual internet copyright hot-spots will be a focus on the Third National Conference on Copyright Protection in Digital Environment. NCAC is going to release last year’s major copyright protection events to promote copyright protection and boost copyright industry development. During the Publicity Week, NCAC will carry out joint activities with Japanese and Korean competent authorities and make copyright publicity films and posters by using well-known and popular animation images like China’s Sun Wukong, Japan’s Conan and Korea’s Pororo, which match well with the theme of copyright protection. These products will be spread to citizens of the three countries through NCAC’s Chinese and English websites, its official Weibo and WeChat accounts, newspapers, TV and other websites in China.

Author: Lai Mingfang

Source: China Press Publication Radio Film and Television Journal  

Update: April 3, 2018