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Phased Results Achieved in the Rectification of Short-video Platforms, with 570,000 Videos Removed

On September 14, according to the plan of 2018 Jianwang Campaign, a national campaign to crack down on online copyright infringement, the National Copyright Administration (NCAC), noting the prominent copyright issue of key short-video platform companies, held talks with 15 companies including Douyin, Kuaishou, Xigua Video, Huoshan, Meipai, Miaopai, Weishi, Pear Video, Viva Video, 56.com, Huoying, Kuaishipin, Bilibili, Tudou and Haokan, asking them to raise their awareness concerning copyright protection, enhance their copyright protection systems, and fulfill their corporate responsibility. Copyright protection of short-videos has been improved significantly after more than one month of rectification.

Required by NCAC for rectification, 15 key short-video platform companies conducted an internal review and banned copyright infringing accounts, which marked their efforts to crack down on copyright infringement and piracy. Until now, they have taken down 570,000 short-video works involving infringement and piracy. Among them, Miaopai, Tudou, Meipai, Bilibili, Viva Video, and 56.com have removed a large amount of copyright infringing videos; Haokan, Weishi, Douyin, Xigua, Kuaishou, and Huoshan strictly dealt with accounts engaged in copyright infringement and piracy, taking measures such as banning accounts permanently or temporarily, stopping distribution, reducing points, and forbidding accounts from posting.

Through the establishment of the 24/7 complaint channels and copyright verification and review mechanism, short-video platform companies have been improving their mechanisms for handling copyright infringement complaints and enhancing right protection management so as to respond to infringement complaints filed by copyright holders. Huoshan, Xigua, and Kuaishipin have established blacklist systems for banned accounts; Haokan, Bilibili, Meipai, Kuaishou, Huoshan, and Weishi, based on the list of works that are kept under early warning protection released by NCAC, have pulled down copyright infringing videos; Douyin, Xigua, Haokan, Miaopai and Kuaishipin have cooperated with the Music Copyright Society of China (MCSC) and relevant news, record and film and television companies to strengthen management of content copyright.

An NCAC official said that copyright supervision on short-video platform companies would be further strengthened and measures such as administrative interview and punishment and criminal punishment would be taken in order to tackle the problem of copyright infringement of short video industry, facilitate the healthy development of the industry, and construct a clean online copyright environment.