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EU-China Roundtable on Copyright Protection and Licensing in the Digital Environment Held in Guangzhou

On Dec. 17 and 18, the “EU-China Roundtable on Copyright Protection and Licensing in the Digital Environment”, co-hosted by the National Copyright Administration of China (NCAC) and European Commission-directed IP Key China was held in Guangzhou, highlighting such topics as how to effectively regulate and enhance copyright management and how to reinforce copyright enforcement on the internet.

China and the EU have maintained effective communication and productive cooperation on intellectual property (IP). Three cycles of China-EU IP cooperation have been rolled out since 1996, delivering extensive exchange and cooperation on IP legislation and enforcement, IP and innovation policies, which has enhanced mutual understanding of each other’s IP systems, improved IP legislation and enforcement on both sides and greatly facilitated the healthy and steady development of China-EU economic and trade ties. On the basis of previous achievements, the 4th cycle of China-EU IP cooperation project—IP Key China—was launched in January 2018. The roundtable conference is part of the work plan of the project.

Tang Zhaozhi, Deputy Director General of the Copyright Department of the National Copyright Administration of China (NCAC) noted on the roundtable that in the 21st century, an age of the internet, concerns over copyright rise as a common challenge and opportunity for all countries worldwide, regardless of national boundaries. After years of efforts and practice, China has secured some progress and experience in building a system of copyright laws, strengthening judicial protection of copyright, reinforcing law enforcement and regulation of copyright, promoting the rapid development of the copyright industry, advancing copyright protection and social service system and deepening international exchange and cooperation on copyright. According to statistics, China’s internet-based copyright industry is experiencing expedited growth. In 2017, the value of its market size reached RMB 636.5 billion, more than 50% of which was generated by paid-users, translating into RMB 318.4 billion in value. It suggests that the copyright environment in China is gradually improved with enhanced copyright awareness nationwide. As the policy of reform and opening-up enters the 40th year in 2018, China has always been dedicated to promoting copyright protection and development. Every step in the development of China’s copyright system reflects the outcomes of international cooperation. Hence, we are more than ready to exchange and share all information, experience and suggestions conducive to the development of copyright system.

Over 100 guests from Chinese and European copyright administration institutions, copyright collective management organizations, internet platforms and colleges and universities engaged in the discussion about legal frameworks for copyright protection and enforcement, administration, governance and licensing in the digital environment. On behalf of China, Prof. Wang Qian from East China University of Political Science and Law, Hu Kaizhong, Deputy Director of Center for Studies of Intellectual Property Rights, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, Liu Ping, Deputy Director General of Music Copyright Society of China, Zhou Yaping, Acting Director General of China Audio-Video Copyright Association (CAVCA), Yan Bo, Deputy Director of Copyright and Legal Affairs Office of CCTV, Zhang Qinkun, General Secretary of Tencent Research Institute, and Gao Ding, Senior Legal Counsel of Tencent Music Entertainment Group delivered speeches on the relationship between the right of making available and other exclusive rights set out in the Copyright Law of People’s Republic of China and the standardization of the collective management of copyright and the copyright management issues in the new mode of digital music. Representatives of the EU, including Gyta Berasneviciute-Singh, Copyright and Enforcement Specialist at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), Mihaly Ficsor, Expert of Hungarian Copyright Council, Prof. Jørgen Blomqvist from University of Copenhagen, Xenia Iwasko, Director of International Trade, International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) and ANG Kwee Tiang, Regional Director of Asia Pacific of IFPI delivered speeches on and solutions to the protection and enforcement of the rights of communication and interactive making available to the public, protection of public performance and broadcasting rights, improvement of copyright enforcement on the internet and governance and regulation on collective management institutions by the governments.

On Dec. 18, the hosts arranged a visit to Guangdong Radio and Television Station for Chinese and foreign guests, and held a workshop on the copyright management and protection of traditional media in the digital environment.

Author: Lai Mingfang
Updated: December 19, 2018