Main Functions

1. to participate in the drafting of laws, regulations and rules in relation to copyright, and to draw out copyright administrative policies and measures and organize the implementation;

2. to draw out the national copyright strategy and plan and organize the implementation, carry out the copyright related work under the Outline of the National IPR Strategy;

3. to supervise the implementation of laws, regulations and rules in relation to copyright, to deploy, organize and give guidance on the national copyright administrative management and enforcement work;

4. to organize the investigate into and deal with significant and foreign-related copyright infringement cases, organize and coordinate the special raid or actions against copyright infringement and piracy, and undertake the rewarding work to the institutes and individuals who have made contribution to the fighting against copyright infringement and piracy;

5. to responsible for the online copyright supervision, safeguarding online copyright order, and organize investigation into and deal with big or foreign related online copyright cases;

6. to organize and promote the national software legalization work;  
7. to undertake the work concerning the establishment of copyright pubic service system, supervise and administer the work of copyright registration, mortgage and copyright contract registration, filing and verification and etc;

8. to promote the development of copyright industries, supervise and administer the copyright evaluation, trading and licensing business, provide guidance on the management of state-owned copyright assets, and responsible for the work concerning the national copyright demonstration;

9. to deal with foreign-related copyright relations, and to organize and participate in the negotiation concerning the accession to, signing of, and national implementation of bilateral or multilateral copyright treaties and agreements;

10. to undertake copyright related affairs in relation to the Hong Kong SAR, Macao SAR and Taiwan;

11. to supervise and administer the work concerning the overseas copyright verification, and the representative offices of foreign and international copyright organizations in China;

12. to approve the establishment of copyright collective administration organizations, and to supervise and administer them on their operations, and to provide guidance to the copyright industrial associations and social institutions on their work;

13. to supervise and administer the statutory license of works, and responsible of the work concerning the use and management of  work the copyright of which is enjoyed by the State

14. to organize and undertake the national copyright publicity and education activities; and

15. to undertake other works assigned by the Ministers.