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ZHOU Huilin Met MPAA Chairman Christopher Dodd and His Party

On the afternoon of September 20, ZHOU Huilin, Vice Minister of State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of China (SAPPRFT) and Vice Minister of National Copyright Administration of China (NCAC), met MPAA Chairman Christopher Dodd and his party. The two sides held friendly talks and exchanged views on further expanding and strengthening copyright cooperation.

ZHOU Huilin pointed out that China achieved great success in intellectual property right protection in recent years, which, on the one hand, was due to China’s inner demand for development, while on the other hand, was facilitated by extensive international cooperation. NCAC and MPAA maintained close contact and good relationships with each other for a long time in terms of cracking down on internet infringement and piracy, carrying out copyright protection cooperation, etc., which proved highly successful. The two sides were expected to meet each other halfway, eliminate negative effects and continue to expand cooperation fields, in order to make mutual efforts to promote film and television copyright protection and the sound development of the film and television industry.

ZHOU Huilin introduced to Dodd and his party the progress in Jianwang Campaign which cracked down on internet copyright piracy. He indicated that China would consider the internet as the main battlefield for copyright protection and step up efforts to crack down on internet infringement and piracy. During the 12th Jianwang Campaign in 2016, China investigated and dealt with a total of 514 administrative cases, involving 200 million yuan. In July, 2017, NCAC, together with relevant departments, launched the 13th Jianwang Campaign , focusing on cracking down on infringement and piracy in film, television and press fields, renovating in a centralized manner the copyright order of e-commerce platforms and mobile internet APPs, as well as consolidating the achievements in copyright management for network literature, network music, network cloud storage space and network advertising alliance, in order to protect the legal rights and interests of right holders.

ZHOU Huilin pointed out that with the swift development of network technologies, internet infringement and piracy constantly revealed new forms, for example using hotlinking, netdisk sharing, APPs, video-on-demand, WeChat, MicroBlog, illegal set-top box, etc. to spread pirated products, which brought new challenges to internet copyright protection. Successful internet copyright protection required the cooperation among right holders, internet enterprises and law enforcement agencies to jointly meet the new challenges, as well as strengthened public copyright education to improve the copyright awareness of the entire society and promote social governance for copyright protection.

Dodd indicated that MPAA highly appreciated the unremitting efforts made by NCAC for a long time to improve the environment for film and television copyright protection, and that MPAA would support the work of NCAC as always and continue to expand Sino-US copyright exchange and cooperation.

Duan Yuping, Deputy Director General of Copyright Department of NCAC, and some other staff were present.

Author: Li Mingyuan

Source: China Press Publication Radio Film and Television Journal

Update: September 21, 2017