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Jianwang Campaign 2017 Promotion Conference Was Held in Beijing

On October 13, the Copyright Management Department of the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People’s Republic of China (National Copyright Administration of China) convened Jianwang Campaign 2017  Promotion Conference in Beijing, participated by the persons in charge of copyright bureaus in 20 provinces including Beijing and Shanghai, as well as the persons in charge of Internet law enforcement departments of cultural law enforcement corps in four municipalities. At the conference, the participants introduced the current situations in terms of detailing key tasks, investigating and dealing with cases, online inspections, and urging Internet companies to fulfill responsibilities, as well as put forward the current problems and the next work plans.

It was pointed out at the conference that we should fully understand the importance of furthering the Jianwang Campaign at this stage for purifying the environment of public opinions and welcoming the 19th CPC National Congress, give the highest priority to the campaign in various copyright management tasks at present, and make earnest efforts so as to achieve good effect.

It was emphasized at the conference that the campaign should make the focal points stand out and practically implement the work tasks in four aspects. First, task allocation should be deemed as the main work to detail and implement the work tasks in such key areas as news, films and television, APP and E-commerce platforms. Second, the highest priority should be placed on investigating and dealing with cases to effectively take the initiative to investigate and expand case sources; exploit the advantages to the full to connect administrative law enforcement and criminal justice; take the initiative to carry forward the tasks at various levels. Third, innovative approaches should be adhered to as an important means to comprehensively promote eight measures including "double crackdown" assessment, early warning and protection, as well as interviews and warning. Fourth, social co-governance should be adhered to as an important guarantee to actively arouse the enthusiasm of right holders and their organizations and the public, give full play to the self-governance role of industry associations and community unions, as well comprehensively urge Internet companies to fulfill responsibilities.