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Zhou Huilin Met with the Delegation Headed by Tim Moss, Chief Executive of the Intellectual Property Office of UK

On November 10, Zhou Huilin, Vice Minister of State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People’s Republic of China (SAPPRFT) and National Copyright Administration of the People’s Republic of China (NCAC), met with the delegation headed by Tim Moss, Chief Executive of the Intellectual Property Office of UK (UKIPO), in Beijing. The two sides discussed hot issues of common concern such as copyright enforcement and collective administration of copyright in the digital era, and also exchanged views on closer cooperation between the two countries; hence, the 2018 China-UK cooperation programme in copyright was finalized.

Zhou Huilin pointed out that, since China and UK concluded the Memorandum of Understanding on Sino-British Copyright Strategic Cooperation in 2010, our copyright exchange and cooperation had been pressed ahead in a regular and systematic manner. Thanks to frequent delegation visits, intergovernmental meetings and video conferences, as well as seminars & workshops launched for copyright legislation, law revision & enforcement and other topics of mutual interest, our exchange and cooperation in copyright had been vigorously strengthened. The Report to the 19th National Congress of the CPC expressly requests to build a culture of innovation, and reinforce the creation, protection and application of intellectual property. NCAC looks forward to expand the space for cooperation with UKIPO in copyright.

Tim Moss and his delegation learned about China’s latest progress on online copyright protection. Zhou Huilin said that the Chinese government took a firm stand against online infringement and piracy. In July this year, NCAC, in conjunction with the relevant departments, launched the 13th Jianwang Campaign to crack down on the online infringement and piracy, which has achieved initial success. The advance of internet technology facilitates the emergence of new forms of infringement and piracy. In light of this challenge faced by copyright protection and law enforcement, China wishes to share practices and experiences with UK counterparts to polish up internet legislation and law enforcement. By doing so, more substantive results can be achieved for a sound and healthy global copyright industry, and a fair and reasonable international copyright system.

Tim Moss said that NCAC has made remarkable achievements in fighting against infringement and piracy. IPO highly appreciates the contribution made by NCAC in promoting copyright protection and cooperation between China and the UK. In the future, the two countries can conduct in-depth exchanges based on specific cases, and learn from, and cooperate with each other in a wider range of areas.

Also present were Tang Zhaozhi, Deputy Director General of Copyright Department, and Gao Si, Deputy Director General of Policies and Legal Department, SAPPRFT and NCAC.

Author: Li Mingyuan

Source: China Press Publication Radio Film and Television Journal

Update: November 13,2017