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Briefing on "Jianwang 2018" Campaign Achievements
Held by the NCAC

On Feb. 22, a briefing on "Jianwang 2018" Campaign achievements was held by the National Copyright Administration of China (NCAC) in Beijing. During the campaign, copyright watchdogs at all levels deleted 1.85 million infringing and pirated links, seized 1.23 million infringing and pirated products, investigated 544 online infringement and piracy cases, and dealt with 74 criminal cases involving RMB 150 million. "Jianwang 2018" Campaign has achieved remarkable results.

With the focus on online reproduction, short videos, cartoons, knowledge sharing and audio books, copyright watchdogs at all levels stuck to the right path and made innovations, worked down to earth and investigated a number of important infringement and piracy cases, creating a good network culture and environment for celebrating the 40th anniversary of reform and opening-up. Jiangsu Huai’an watchdog investigated the “BTBTOY” film and TV infringement case, sentencing an offender surnamed Yuan to 3 years in prison and fining him/her RMB 800,000, Jiangsu Yancheng watchdog investigated the “3.04” pirated optical disc production and sales case, sentencing an offender surnamed Zhang and others to no more than 3 years in prison, Sichuan Chengdu watchdog investigated the animation infringement case of the web site “chuiyao cartoon”, sentencing an offender surnamed Sun to 3 years and 3 months in prison and fining him/her RMB 100,000, Jiangxi Nanchang watchdog investigated “6.04” infringement case of the online flagship store “huoke”, sentencing an offender surnamed Liao to 2 years in prison, Jiangxi Xinyu watchdog investigated the Meirinet WeChat Account infringement case, sentencing an offender surnamed Chen to 5 months’ detention and fining him/her RMB 10,000, Shanghai watchdog investigated the cartoon toy copyright infringement cases of more than RMB 26 million involving Bandai and Ghibli, Jiangsu Xuzhou watchdog investigated the infringement case of the “tiantian arcade fish catching game” on mobile phones, having 4 suspects under control and detaining the amount of more than RMB 10 million, Anhui Chuzhou investigated the “Irts.me” infringement case, disseminating 12,398 audio works, Shanghai watchdog the investigated “3dbobovr.com” case, fining RMB 250,000,  Beijing watchdog investigated the GEDU electronic publication piracy case, fining RMB 225,000, and Sichuan Mianyang watchdog investigated the Maimu private cinema infringement case, fining RMB 130,000.

During the campaign, the NCAC continued to strengthen the supervision on the copyright of video, music and literary websites, which checked 2,389 copyright works of 16 websites with ordering to remove 150 infringing works, and announced the copyright pre-warning list of 72 works in 7 batches, attaching more importance to protecting the Spring Festival Gala and films. As to the prominent copyright problems facing online reproduction and short videos, the NCAC interviewed 13 network service providers including qutoutiao.net and 15 short video platforms including Douyin. Through the rectification, 140,000 infringing We-media accounts were closed and downgraded by relevant internet enterprises, more than 470,000 infringing works and 570,000 infringing short videos were handled and removed. Driven by the NCAC, more than 30 mainstream financial media established the “Chinese Financial Media Copyright Protection Alliance”, and many companies including Alibaba and Pinduoduo concluded the book copyright protection cooperation agreement with 15 Beijing-based Publishing House Anti-piracy Alliance and Juvenile & Children’s Publishing House Anti-piracy Alliance.

At this briefing, the NCAC also solicited opinions and suggestions for the “Jianwang 2019” Campaign from copyright collective management organizations, copyright-related associations, social organizations and alliances, organizations for copyright owners, the representative offices of the copyright foreign-related certification authorities in China and representatives of internet enterprises.