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China-UK Copyright Seminar Held in Suzhou to Push forward International Copyright Exchanges and Cooperation

The China-UK Copyright Seminar, organized by the National Copyright Administration of China (NCAC), the United Kingdom Intellectual Property Office (UK IPO) and the British Embassy Beijing, took place in Suzhou on July 1. The seminar highlighted international copyright exchanges and cooperation under new circumstances, and reviewed the measures and experience of both sides in online copyright protection and copyright industry development. Over 100 representatives from Chinese and British copyright authorities, relevant international organizations, copyright collective management organizations, academic communities and copyright industry were present.

Mr. Yu Cike, Director General of Copyright Department, NCAC, said in his speech that given that information network technology has brought about many new problems and challenges for copyright utilization and protection, the international community should strengthen cooperation in fostering a more balanced and effective international copyright protection system. China is developing into an IP power by implementing strategies of rigorous copyright protection, while the UK boasts rich experience in online copyright protection and creative industry development, which enables both sides to learn from each other. Mr. Yu went on to stress that China is always committed to strengthening copyright protection and ready to share with other countries its information and experience about copyright system development, and copyright utilization and protection. He also expressed his expectations for both sides to ramp up bilateral copyright exchanges and cooperation through this seminar.

Ms. Ros Lynch, Director of Copyright and IP Enforcement, UK IPO, emphasized in her speech that the creative industry plays a vital role in economic growth and a long-standing mechanism is necessary to protect the copyright of creative contents. According to her, the UK is currently focusing its copyright protection on three aspects: first of all, to empower the British businesses to better grow internationally; next, to educate consumers to respect IP; last, to put in place an easy and efficient mechanism for rights dispute resolution.

The annual China-UK Intergovernmental Meeting on Copyright was held along with the seminar. It is learned that NCAC and UK IPO signed the Memorandum of Understanding on China-UK Copyright Strategic Cooperation in 2010, and since then China and the UK have maintained close ties and good relations in the area of copyright, with NCAC and UK IPO gradually deepening their bilateral copyright exchanges and cooperation. China-UK Copyright Seminar, six sessions of which have been organized by now, has turned into an important platform for bilateral copyright exchanges. This session was moderated by Ms. Zhao Xiuling, Deputy Director General of Copyright Department, NCAC. Mr. Li Zhenqiang, Deputy Director General of Copyright Administration of Jiangsu Province, was also present and delivered a speech.