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The Korea Copyright Commission

The Korea Copyright Commission (here in after referred to as “KCC”) is the nation’s agency dedicated to copyright-related affairs. It plays a pivotal role in promotion of the legitimate use of works, and development of the copyright industry.

The KCC is faithfully fulfilling its roles ranging from deliberating copyright-related issues, mediating copyright disputes, researching policies and legislations on copyright, providing copyright education and public awareness programs, to serving as a copyright registration agency.

Furthermore, it endeavors to raise public awareness of the importance of the copyright industry, while providing support for the advancement of Korean copyrighted works into the overseas market and protection of their copyright overseas.

Main Functions
Operation of the dispute resolution system, including mediation and conciliation of copyright disputes

Fair deliberation on fees and royalties of collective management organizations

Promotion of legitimate and fair use of works

International cooperation for copyright protection

Education and training on copyright, training of professional staffs, public awareness programs

Support for formulation of copyright policies and carrying out tasks entrusted to the KCC in accordance with laws, etc

Support for formulation of policies on technological protection measures and rights management information

Establishment and operation of a copyright information management system to provide information on copyright

Research into copyright information technology

Appraisal on copyright infringements, etc

Issuance of recommendations for correction to online service providers of illegal reproductions and requesting the MCST Minister to issue corrective orders

Copyright registration, copyright authentication, and management of economic rights donated

Computer program source codes and technical data escrow

Conducting surveys on status of copyright trade and industry and generating statistics

R&D on copyright technology and digital copyright forensics-related activities

Beijing Office’s Service

Copyright Authentication
Identify copyright holders of Korean copyrighted works of Korea upon the request from Chinese government, courts and companies

Support for Copyright Registration
Implement awareness-raising activities targeting Korean copyright holders to register their copyrights and support the administrative procedures of CPCC Copyright registration in China

Networks and Exchange
Cooperation with copyright-related organizations and groups in China
Host copyright forums and workshops

Copyright Information
Provide information on copyright trends and issues in China
Provide information on copyright-related companies in order to invigorate copyright trade

Support for Overseas Expansion
Support Korean contents distributors to enter Chinese contents market
Legal advice on copyright laws

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