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Music Copyright Society of China

Music Copyright Society of China (MCSC), established on December 17, 1992 with the joint initiative of the NCAC and the Chinese Musicians Association, is the earliest copyright collective administration organization in mainland China. Nowadays, MCSC has around 4000 individual members, many of whom are most famous lyricists and composers in China. MSCS is the member of International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC) and BIEM, and has signed reciprocal agreements with music various copyright collective administration organizations in more than 60 countries such as Germany, Italy, France, Finland, etc.

The responsibilities for rights management by MCSC are: to use musical works for public performance, public broadcasting; production, reproduction and distribution of sound recordings and audiovisual products; production of broadcasting programs; fixation of musical works on carriers by means of cinematography and a process analogous to cinematography; by means of information network, to make musical works available to the public, and collective administrations that suits musical works.

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