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China Audio-Video Copyright Association

As the only collective management organization in the field of audio-video works in China which was approved by the National Copyright Administration of China and was registered in the Ministry of Civil Affairs, China Audio-Video Copyright Association (hereinafter “CAVCA”) collectively manages the copyright and related rights of audio-video programs according to the law.

With the purposes of providing service, reflecting aspirations and regulating behaviors, CAVCA aims to safeguard the legal rights of its members, regulates the legal use of audio-video programs and enhances the development of the audio-video industry and the market in China according to the Chinese laws, regulations and the international copyright treaties China acceded to.

Aim of CAVCA:
The aim of CAVCA is to protect members’ legal rights and interests, regulate the legal use of audio-video works and facilitate China’s recordings industry and market abiding by civil laws and rules and international copyright conventions to which China is a party under the principle of serving members, reporting requirements and regulating behaviors.

Business Scope of CAVCA:
to conclude the copyright collective management contracts of audio-video works with its members according to the law;

to conclude licensing contract with users of audio-video works according to the members’ authorization and relevant laws and regulations and collect copyright royalties from users;

to distribute copyright royalties to its members;

to apply for administrative penalties from the copyright administrative department or to institute legal proceedings and arbitration against any violation infringing the copyright of programs administered by CAVCA;

to conclude reciprocal representation agreements with foreign collective management societies to improve the copyright protection of Chinese audio-video programs overseas as well as the copyright protection of overseas audio-video programs in China mainland;

to provide relevant business advice and legal services for right owners and users and to propose suggestions to the national legislative body or the copyright administrative department for copyright in order to improve the protection of copyright and related rights of audio-video works in China and regulate market behaviors;

to strengthen the link between the owners and users of audio-video works; to release audio-video programs and news on collective management of copyright and related rights of audio-video works; and to develop activities such as setting rewards, holding seminars and exchanging information, etc.;

to carry out other activities consistent with CAVCA’s aims.

Rights managed by CAVCA:
the right of public performance;
the right of public presentation;
the right of broadcasting;
the right of rental;
the right of communication through information network;
the right of reproduction and distribution;
other copyright and related rights of audio-video works which can be exercised effectively in way of collective management.

The Sources of Rights:
The rights managed by CAVCA come from authorization of members;and authorization of foreign collective management societies with which CAVCA has concluded the reciprocal representation agreements to administer foreign repertoires.

Functions of CAVCA:
to register and manage its members and their audio-video works;
to collect royalties from users according to the law and grant licenses to users;
to distribute royalties to the right owners regularly according to the use of the works;
to take legal action against illegal use of audio-video works;
to actively propagate collective management of copyright;
to collect and transfer royalties under the statutory licence with the authorization of the National Copyright Administration of China;
to manage and exercise the copyright of foreign repertoires in the mainland of China upon the agreements.

Members of CAVCA:
Membership of CAVCA is open to those who enjoy copyright or related rights of audio-video programs according to the law including Chinese citizens,legal entities or other organizations;They can become members of CAVCA by signing authorization contracts of copyright of audio-video works with CAVCA.