Awarding List of the WIPO-NCAC Copyright Awards 2016

A.WIPO-NCAC Creativity Award (6 awards)
a. Bronze and Sunflower ( Written work, Author: CAO Wenxuan)
b. Wolf Totem (Cinematographic work, Producer: China Film Co.,Ltd. etc.)
c. Emind OS ( Software work, Copyright Owner: Emind Software CO., LTD. )
d. The English-Chinese Dictionary (Written work, Copyright Owner: Shanghai Translation Publishing House )
e. The Story of Late Premier Zhou Enlai (Cinematographic work, Producer: Hebei Film and Teleplay Production Center)
f. Nirvana in Fire (Written work, Author: Hai Yan)

B.WIPO-NCAC Award for Copyright Utilization (5 awards)
a. Foreign Languages Press Co., Ltd.
b. Shenzhen Tencent Computer Systems Company Limited.
c. Jiangxi network radio and television station
d. Time Publishing & Media Company Limited

C.WIPO-NCAC Award for Copyright Protection (5 awards)
a. Criminal Investigation Corps of Tracking Down Fake and Shoddy Goods, Chongqing Public Security Bureau
b. Shanghai Firstbrave Information Technology Co., Ltd.
c. Xuzhou Municipal Copyright Bureau
d. Beijing Sohu Internet Information Service Co., Ltd.
e. People's Government of Dehua County

D.WIPO-NCAC Award for Copyright Administration Management (4 awards)
a. Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Copyright
b. China Written Works Copyright Society
c. Beijing Zhongshi Ruide Cultural Media Co., Ltd.
d. Jimo Municipal People's Government